Waterhouses YFC Club Report 2005-06

Well weíve had an outstanding year, membership has increased yet again. With a complete change of committee at the AGM we had a challenging year.

In the Autumn we ventured to Bramshall for our first Competition of the year, the County Carcase Judging and came a commendable third. Our members also found their form at Pig Racing when we defeated Stone at the prestigious Hammer Trophy.

The New Year brought new challenges when we maintained the Hammer Trophy at Leekís Jenga challenge and we had a talk from the MP Charlotte Atkins. Laura, Rich and Hayley talked there way into 3rd place in the Junior Public Speaking and Katieís vast portfolio proved a success when she placed 3rd in the Junior Member of the Year competition. Will, Sparrow and Craig also proved we had the best erection in Staffordshire winning the Fence Erecting Competition. The Darts practices in the Waterhouses League paid off when our Darts team won the County Competition.

Spring brought the Stockjudging, where we had 3rdís all round for Helen, Andrew and Chris and were also placed 3rd overall. Having won the County Indoor Cricket League, Volleyball and Kwik Cricket we ventured to the West Midlands Competition Day where Martin found that there are two liquids a car needs, water as well as diesel. Oh dear, oh dear Barry. I donít know why he doesnít have an Escort! We successfully won the Kwik Cricket and the Club went through to the National Finals in October. Craig also managed to perfect my ball control in the Volleyball game. A successful day for Waterhouses though.

The County Rally proved a success considering the older members had attended the National AGM at Blackpool the weekend before. On that note did anybody find out where that palm tree came from? But congratulations to Hall for finding the porcelain this time though!! At the Rally we won the Sports Cup, came 2nd in the Junior Cup and were placed third in the Most Improved Club and 3rd in the TWW Jones Trophy. Sparrow also mastered his 3-point turn winning the Tractor Handling Competition.

The construction project at Sparrowlee also proved a success for the County Show where we were placed a commendable 3rd in the Show Floats Competition for our Cinderella float. I think it must have been that friendly wave that grasped it! The rafting season came and with a new design and several test runs at Okeover we were sure to win. However Chris, Craig, Andy and Po managed to confuse it with the Swimming Gala.

With the Chairman away with the Austrians, Martin was left in charge for the Mock Auction. We finished the year with an evening on the pull down the Manifold Valley where we did our 6-mile tractor pull, which raised over £400 for Waterhouses First Responders.


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