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Summer Ball 2016

County Show 2016

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Summer Ball

Saturday 16th July.
Featuring Radio 1's Chris Stark!

World’s Largest Milk Shake

Staffs YFC ShakeItUp


Staffordshire Young Farmers Clubs (YFC) have achieved their attempt to set a world record for the largest cup of milkshake at the Staffordshire County Show on Wednesday 1st June. The members from across the Staffordshire clubs, scrutinised by four independent witnesses mixed 828 litres of milk kindly donated by Wells Farm Dairy with 50 punnets of blended strawberries kindly donated by TW Busby, Dearnsfield Fruits, 48 litres of strawberry ice-cream made locally by Red Lion Ice Cream and a quantity of milkshake flavouring to create a grand total of 911 litres of delicious milkshake which was distributed in over 2000 cups to the general public at the Staffordshire County Show.
The attempt was all recorded and photographed as well as independently witnessed by Jeremy Lowe, County Advisor for Staffordshire NFU; Sian Davies, NFU Dairy Advisor; Meg Elliott, Bagshaws of Uttoxeter and Rachael Salt of KG Kent, following the guidelines set by the Guinness World Records (GWR). All evidence will be uploaded in order to verify the attempt shortly. Currently there is no record for the largest cup of milkshake and GWR had stated that that total volume must exceed 500 litres. It was announced by Meg Elliott of Bagshaws that the final total was 911 litres.
The record breaking idea was thought of by Abbotsholme YFC, based at Abbotsholme School, Near Rocester where the young club meet every Tuesday after school. Staffordshire YFC County Chairman, Emma Stubbs said “There isn’t any good news stories around for the Dairy industry at the moment and milk prices continue to fall. Many of our members in the Staffordshire Young Farmers live and work in Dairy farming and therefore we wanted to highlight how delicious milk is to drink. Whilst doing this we have raised our own profile, as one of the most successful rural youth organisations in the country for anyone aged 10 to 26 years.”
For any further information on #yfcshakeitup please contact Julia Taylor, County Organiser, on 01785 248645 or email for further information. Our website at has updated information about Staffordshire YFC and the local clubs.

Also follow Staffordshire YFC on FaceBook Page “Staffordshire YFC” or Twitter @staffsyfc

Staffordshire Successes

Staffordshire YFC Stockjudging team take prizes at 2015 English Winter Fair!

EnglishWinterFair15-1 Staffordshire YFC were victorious in the NFYFC Live and Carcase Judging Competitions at the 2015 English Winbter Fair. The team of Katie James, Peter James, Aimee Smith and Will Leese took home the top prize.

EnglishWinterFair15-2 In addition to the NFYFC Competition, the English Winter Fair YFC classes were also held as a one day competition on Sunday. This was organised by Staffordshire YFC and is kindly supported by The English Beef and Lamb Executive as well as the Staffordshire and Birmingham Agricultural Society. One of two Leicestershire teams went away with first place in this competition.

The weekend has been a great success with young farmers across the country coming together to compete in these important competitions which develops members skills in Stockjudging and public speaking.

Peter James takes 1st for Staffordshire...again!

Staffs YFC Members get ready to see world Young Farmers’ Club members put their talents to the test in an enthralling NFYFC Farm Skills Weekend across Shropshire and Staffordshire. 24-year old Peter James from Leek YFC took home the coveted NFYFC Stockman of the Year award for the seconfd year running, a feat which has never been done before.

Staffordshire members get set to see the world!

Staffs YFC Members get ready to see world YFC gives it's members great opportunities to see the world, and yet again Staffordshire members have won places on trips all over the world.
Members pictured with Supermoo are Richard Mottershead, Karl Hockenhull, Lydia Allcock, Caroline Barlow, Amy Nicholls, Frances Wright, and Katie Pollock.

Staffs YFC promotional leaflet


Click the thumbnail to see our new promotional leaflet - if you would like a few copies, contact our office!

Royal Visit

Princess Anne visited the YFC Centre

Royal Visit

Young Farmers in Staffordshire celebrated the opening of their new headquarters 26 years ago with a Royal visit from the Princess Royal. Princess Anne returned to the Young Farmers’ office on Tuesday 26th July 2011 as part of a day to celebrate ‘Rural Activities in Staffordshire’. Some of those members involved 26 years ago were there to welcome Her Royal Highness, along with today’s Young Farmers who were keen to demonstrate the skills and activities, which ensure the organisation is sustainable as the rural youth movement of the countryside. The activities the members demonstrated to the Princess included traditional activities such as how to prepare an animal for showing; the art of sheep stock judging; butchery skills cookery skills. Other demonstrations included Tug of War, hedge laying and bricklaying. Other members read a specially written poem to demonstrate their Public Speaking Skills, sang for the Princess and prepared the posy for the Princess. The two youngest members in the Federation presented HRH with the posy and two Staffordshire YFC mugs.
Paul Worrall, County Chairman of Staffordshire YFC said, ‘We had hoped the Princess Royal would come last year to celebrate Staffordshire YFC Centre’s 25th Anniversary, but that was not possible. However, 26 years on it is good to celebrate our many achievements in the YFC movement. What was important to young people 25 years ago is still important today and the opportunity to participate in rural activities, with like-minded people, is as valuable today as it was then. We have lots of fun in Young Farmers, with an opportunity to learn and train, particularly through our Competitions Programme and the Federation’s Development Committee which organise a vast range of activities throughout the year. We had two members of the Staffordshire YFA (Young Farmers Ambassadors) Committee present, to explain about the fantastic opportunities that Young Farmers have to apply for trips abroad and travel the world with the NFYFC Discovery Programme.

There's lots of photos on our Photo Gallery page

Taking care of our finances...

Easy Fundraising

Staffordshire YFC has enrolled onto a website called “Easy Fundraising” and can now benefit from anyone and everyone who shops online.

What do you need to do?
1. Click on the
2. Register yourself as a supporter of Staffordshire YFC
3. Every time you go online to shop ie at ebay, Amazon, Tesco, wherever, just go to that website via the easy fundraising website.

YFC can gain 2.5% from some retailers in commission from your shopping and this is at no cost to you – you pay the same price for your goods as you would normally when you shop online.
Please encourage parents, aunties, uncles, brothers, sisters – anyone really, to register and start shopping online this way.


Mobile Phone Recycling

Raise funds for the Federation by recycling your old phones - envelopes available from the County Office.

A great night out for your club!

The Animal Company, Gate Farm, Sturston, Ashbourne, DE6 1LN.

As seen on "Countryfile". Run by Nathan & Charlotte Anderson-Dixon, the farm has a wide range of trained animals that are used in TV, Film, Advertising, etc. They are are east of Ashbourne on the Belper Road (A517, about 1 – 2 minutes drive out of Ashbourne. Uttoxeter JNFU have visited them, and found it to be a great place to see, and were made very welcome.

NFYFC Safety Campaign

Make the Promise logo

Young Farmers’ Clubs across England and Wales have pledged their support for a Health & Safety Executive (HSE) campaign to cut the high number of deaths each year from unnecessary farming accidents.

Working in agriculture remains one of the most dangerous ways to make a living. It accounts for around one in five work-related deaths every year, although only 1.5 per cent of the working population is employed in the sector. Across Great Britain, 38 workers lost their lives in farming-related incidents between January and November 2009 and figures for 2008/09 show that 589 people were seriously injured in farming accidents.

Nearly 15,000 farmers have already signed up to the campaign. And NFYFC Vice Chairman James Chapman, who lost his arm in an accident that could have also cost him his life, is calling on all 23,000 YFC members to make a New Year’s resolution to help cut the annual death toll by pledging to come home safe from the fields.

“The National Federation of Young Farmers’ Clubs has proudly made the promise, to come home safe. Encouraging farmers to work safely has always been one of our key priorities and during 2010 we will be working closely with the HSE to promote the campaign in our clubs across the country.

“I know only too well what can happen when safety isn’t put first. I lost my left arm when it was caught in an unguarded PTO shaft. It happened because I, like many farmers, was working under pressure trying to get a job done as quickly as possible.

“Today I regularly speak to young farmers, using my experience positively as a warning of how important it is that they take the time to consider their safety and what can happen if they don’t,” said James.

Learn more about the Make the Promise campaign and pledge to come home safe at

The Day The Queen Met Staffordshire YFC

The Queen visited Staffordshire on March 31st 2006 to mark the 800th anniversary of Staffordshire County. As part of her day, she came to the County Showground to meet various people and groups, which included representatives of Staffordshire YFC. There is a full report and pictures here.

Parental Consent

Staffordshire YFC is committed to ensuring that its members, Club Officers and County Officers are operating in accordance with current legislation and that all aspects of the Club and County programmes are safe and well organized.

Parental consent forms exist so that activity organisers have the essential information about the children and young people in their care and contact details for their parents/guardians should an incident occur.

Staffordshire YFC also has a duty of care to ensure that parents are fully informed about the activities their child is participating in and to keep them safe whilst they are doing so.

Please use the template Parental Consent Form for any Club and County activities where this is required.

Also for more detailed information about Parental Consent Forms, please click here for FAQ’s.

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