Eccleshall YFC Club Report 2003-04

To start the year, we held a New Members Evening which turned out to be very successful with just under 10 new members joining up.

Soon after we had our first major competition, as it was Competitions Day. Football for the lads and hockey for the girls. The girls qualified for WMA easily by winning every game. The lads also qualified for WMA but made hard work of it as they had to win their last game by seven clear goals! Some how we did.

In other competitions, we came 1st overall in the Silage Competition, 1st in Darts, 1st in the Pool competition and 4th in the Volleyball competition.

Soon the Christmas programme was upon us. This meant Carol Singing which went rather well until Paul Evans’ Mini Cooper didn’t corner as well as he thought and landed in a ditch. One night later, we had our Christmas meal with a guest appearance from Father Christmas.

Once Christmas was over, we held our Annual Whist Drive, which overfilled Cotes Heath Village Hall and proved to be a very successful night. We had a social with the new Club, Chase YFC, where we challenged them to a game of Quasar. We beat them quite convincingly with the help of James Davis who thought it would be a good idea to stand in front of Chases reloading bay. No wonder they couldn’t find it.

Our next event was to be the biggest so far. It was the Doctor’s and Nurses Disco where we saw Sam Parrott dressed up as Bin Laden and worst of all, Tom Hollinshead, Pete Williams, Pete Tomkinson and Dave Timmis who dressed us as Nurses, a sigh for sore eyes. A charity leg wax was also held on this night, organised by Louise Tomkinson and was priced at £5 a strip. This was to be a big money earner, especially when James Madders stepped up and offered £20 to pull one strip of Paul Evans’ chest!

In February, we did our bit for the community. It was to be a Muck haul. We met at Eccleshall school with 10 tones of muck, but no orders. So Dave Timmis was sent with a barrow full of muck to do some door-to-door sales. After a slow start, custom picked up and we had people paying us for muck and we had people paying us to move the smelly load up the road out of their way!

April arrives and there is only one thing on everyone’s mind and that is the National AGM. That time came and we headed off for Blackpool only to find out there is a one-way system in Blackpool. Unfortunately, we went the wrong way but eventually got to the hotel. Unfortunately some members couldn’t make it but came up for one day, but that turned out to be costly for one member in particular as he was flashed at on the way home - by a speed camera.

One week later, was the Annual Rally. We entered most competitions and did well until we came to the Tug of War competition. Good there with our ears pricked, we soon found ourselves with our tale between our legs, embarrassed by what he saw, our very own Graham Parry decided something had to be done and took on the job of coaching us. He realised it was going to be hard work, but got hold of us and concentrated on the County Show Tug of War competition. We only won one pull, but we were starting to look like a team.

The float was to follow and follow it did with a Reliant Rob attached to the back of the float. The ‘Only Fools and Horses’ tribute looked hopeful but disaster struck when the Reliant Robin departed from the Float. James Davies and Sam Parrot, dressed as Batman and Robin left the Reliant and rang across the Main Ring to the float which looked quite effective.

July was here and so was our Reunion Disco and Hot Roast, held at Ellenhall Park Farm by kind permission of Mr and Mrs Edwards. We had a good turnout and a very enjoyable night.

Interesting Club Facts...

Favourite Text Messages - Love you!

Love you more!

Clubs’s Worst Driver - Amy Anderson, Williams Brothers, Tonky

Club’s Best Dressed Person - Amy Anderson

Worst Dressed Person - Ben Palmer (remember Tennis?)

Club Pin-up - Dave Gadsbey!!

Club Heart-Breaker - Megan Parry

Club’s Romeo & Juliet - Ant Williams and Laura Parry

Club’s Most Accident Prone Member - Tom Hollinshead

Club Look-alikes - Pete Williams = Hugh Grant

Club’s Favourite Activity - Drinking, Trips around the Ice Cream Factory

Club Motto - He who dares, wins

Club’s Best Chat-up Lines - That’s my fettish!! (Tom Hollinshead)

Top Tips for Surviving a YFC year - Alcohol and plenty of it!


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