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English Winter Fair Results 2023

Sunday, November 19th, 2023

Warwickshire YFC success at English Winter Fair!

Warwickshire YFC members were ahead of Gloucestershire YFC taking the Overall Team Cup at the English Winter Fair YFC Stock and Carcase Judging Competition held on Sunday 19th November.  Their members fought off a very high standard of competition from over 110 young farmers’ members across 19 teams entered into this year’s English Winter Fair YFC Stock and Carcase Judging classes.  The one-day competition was hailed a great success following a great comeback year for YFC clubs across England and Wales after the pandemic.  Staffordshire YFC organise this competition and their County Chairman, James Freeman, said “We had 19 teams entered from 15 counties across England and Wales this year.  The popularity of our competitions is high amongst the members and they enjoy the quality stock and carcases available to judge as well as the facilities at the County Showground in Stafford.”

 The English Winter Fair took place at the weekend, 18th – 19th November and the YFC classes were kindly sponsored by IAE with very generous prize monies on offer. Young Farmers were able to judge Live Lamb and Beef Classes and Lamb and Beef Carcase Classes thanks to support from the show organiser, Staffordshire & Birmingham Agricultural Society along with IAE Frank Klucznik, Managing Director said ‘Congratulations not only to all of the competitors who received a prize card in yesterday’s Stock and Carcase Judging event, but also to all those who partook in the competition. It was a fantastic spectacle to see so many enthusiastic, talented members of YFC in the main ring and it was a real privilege for myself, on behalf of IAE to present the awards. Many congratulations again!’

Frank Klucznik of IAE alongside the English Winter Fair Committee Chairlady, Sandra Hopley, presented the members with their prize cards in the main ring.

In the Live Lambs class, judged in Bingley Hall, with the lambs kindly provided by Madders & Johnson, the highest scoring Senior Competitor was awarded Jonny Rogers of Shropshire YFC with 87 points.  The Overall Intermediate Competitor was Isla of Gloucestershire YFC with 94 points.  The highest scoring team in this class was awarded to Somerset for their combined total of 177 points.

The Live Beef class was judged in the stalls, with some fine cattle provided by the very supportive exhibitors at the show. The highest scoring Senior Competitor was Lottie Hill of Somerset YFC with 99 points.    In the Intermediate Section, John Jeyes of Warwickshire YFC came first with 98 points.  As a team, Montgomery YFC took first place in this class scoring a combined total of 190 points.

The Carcase Classes were all judged in the excellent Carcase Hall facility with carcasses very kindly provided by Messrs Bradshaw Bros.  In the Lamb Carcase class, the Overall Senior Competitor was won Georgia Thatcher of Worcestershire YFC with 95 points.    The Overall Intermediate Competitor was awarded jointly to Cai Edwards of Glamorgan YFC and Emyr of Herefordshire YFC with 93 points. The Overall team in this section was won by the team from Glamorgan YFC  who achieved a combined total of 181 points.

The final class of the day was the Beef Carcase Class.  The Overall Senior Competitor was won jointly by Rhondda Warner-King of Gloucestershire YFC and Merv Powell of Herefordshire with 92 points.   The Overall Intermediate Competitor was Rosie of Worcestershire YFC with 81 points.    The Overall Team in this final class was won by Gloucestershire YFC with a combined total of 172 points.

The Michael Bradshaw Award for the Overall Stockjudging Team was awarded to Somerset YFC with Montgomery YFC in second place and Warwickshire YFC in third place.  The Michael Bradshaw Award for the Overall Carcase Judging Team was awarded jointly to Glamorgan YFC and Gloucestershire YFC with Warwickshire YFC taking third place.

After a full day of judging, The Birmingham Agricultural Exhibition Society Silver Challenge Cup, awarded for the Overall Team on the day went to Warwickshire YFC after they gained a grand total of 689 points in all the classes.  They were followed by Gloucestershire YFC in second place with 687 points and in third place, Glamorgan YFC with 680 points.

Stockjudging and Carcase judging competitions remain a very important and competitive sector in the Young Farmers Federations across the country, as this day has demonstrated so well.   The facilities at the English Winter Fair are ideal for YFC to showcase this.  Next year, the English Winter Fair committee will continue to host these competitions for YFC members and looks forward to welcoming the National Federation of Young Farmers Clubs again, to take part in this very successful show, with their Live and Carcase Judging Competition Finals, which were also held again at the Show this year.

Photos from the day can be found HERE

County AGM Results 2023

Thursday, November 2nd, 2023


Most Outstanding County Officer:       Harry Butson-Competitions Chair and Olivia Lockett-Development Chair.

David Palij Award:  Awarded to the Club that has done the most for charity/community work during the last 12 months.

Winner: Ashley YFC; Runners up: Leek YFC

Manifold Marketing Award:  Awarded to the Club who best promotes their Club and engagement in Club, County & Community Events.

Winner: Ashley YFC,  Runners-up: Eccleshall YFC

The Richard Mottershead Club Programme Award: Awarded to the Club gaining the highest number of points within the Club Efficiency Competition for the Club Programme section.

Winner: Ashley YFC; Joint Runners up: Eccleshall YFC & Uttoxeter JNFU

Scrapbook Award: Awarded to the Club who produces the most interesting and unique scrapbook based on the activities of their own Club over the past membership year.

Winner: Ashley YFC, Runner Up: Lichfield YFC

Junior Stockjudging Cup: Winner: Waterhouses YFC, Runner Up: Uttoxeter JNFU.

Intermediate Stockjudging Cup: Winner: Chase YFC,  Runner Up: Leek YFC.

Senior Stockjudging Cup: Winner: Uttoxeter JNFU, Runner Up: Chase YFC.

Overall Stockjudging Cup: Winner: Chase YFC & Waterhouses YFC, Runner Up: Uttoxeter JNFU.

Most Improved Club – Competitions Cup: Awarded to the Club that has achieved the highest improvement in points for competitions from the 2020/2021 year.

Winner: Stone YFC; Runner Up: Eccleshall YFC

Small Clubs Trophy: Awarded to one of the four smallest Clubs in the County with regard to membership, that has achieved the most points throughout the year for competitions.

Winner: Cheadle YFC; Runner Up: Lichfield YFC

Mr Ken Unwin MBE Memorial Cup: Awarded to the Club who most improves in Public Speaking, Stock Judging, Carcase Judging and Tug of War.

Winner: Cheadle YFC; Joint Runners Up: Abbotsholme, Ashley and Chase YFC

Overall Competitions Cup:  Presented to the club with the most points for the Competitions that have been held for the last 12 months:

Joint Winners: Eccleshall YFC and Uttoxeter JNFU; Runner Up: Chase YFC

W.H.D. Hobson Cup: Awarded to the Club with the highest increase in membership.

Winner: Chase YFC, Runner Up: Abbotsholme YFC

Newsletter Shield: For the best contribution to the Young Farmers’ Book of the Year

Winners: Ashley YFC;  Runner Up – Abbotsholme YFC

The David Stubbs Award: Donated by the Stubbs Family in 2022 in memory o Mr David Stubbs, Former County Chairman and Vice President of the Federation. It is awarded to the club who most improves in the competition areas which were davids passions. Namely, Dairy Stockjudging, Stickman of the year and Carcass Judging.

Winners: Chase YFC, Runners Up, Leek YFC.:

Mr & Mrs W.A. Taylor Senior Merit Award: Awarded to the most outstanding individual at Club or County level was presented Jessica Sammons and Natalie Bradley both of Eccleshall YFC who have both displayed outstanding leadership skills within their club and also to the County Federation.

Junior Merit Award: This is presented to the most outstanding junior individual at Club or County level was presented to Molly of Eccleshall YFC who has thrown herself to an array of activities and helped at many events within her club as well as at county events..

YFC Travel Certificates along with NFYFC Certificates of Achievement were also presented to all members who had taken part in the National Federation of Young Farmers finals of various competitions throughout the year too.

The final awards of the evening are the most prestigious to receive and are judged throughout the year as a “Club Efficiency” Competition, which encapsulates all aspects of a YFC Club.  The aim of the competition is to encourage members and Club Officers to work together as an effective team for the benefit of all members.  Judges look for all aspects of how the clubs are run and hope to see good club administration and record keeping, strong leadership and governance and active promotion of the clubs through publicity and community engagement.  They also want to see teamwork, ideas and enthusiasm from all club members.  From this competition, the following awards were presented:

Most Outstanding Chairman:                Winner: Tom Bowers, Eccleshall YFC

Runner-up: Danny Emmott, Ashley YFC

Most Outstanding Secretary:                Winner: Natalie Bradley, Eccleshall YFC
Joint Runners-up: Olivia Lockett, Ashley YFC & Hollie Kelly, Chase YFC

Most Outstanding Treasurer:                Winner: Toby Hall, Uttoxeter JNFU
Runner-up: Charlotte Martin, Ashley YFC

Most Outstanding Club Leader:           Winner: Jack Salt, Ashley YFC

Runner-up: Jessica Sammons, Eccleshall YFC

Club Efficiency Shield:                           Winner: Ashley YFC
Runner-up: Uttoxeter JNFU

Carcase Judging Competition 2023

Monday, October 9th, 2023

On Thursday 5th October a total of nine clubs were represented at the Carcase Judging Competition – many thanks to TG Sargeants of Bramshall for kindly hosting the competition for Lamb & Beef carcases.

Many thanks to the judges, stewards and scorers for supporting the competition, and also thanks for the members competing too.

Photos can be seen HERE

Results as follows;



1ST          Jack H                     Lichfield               82pts

2ND         Oliver F                  Chase                    81pts

3RD          Sam W                   Chase                    79pts


1ST          Adam R                  Uttoxeter            79pts

=2ND       Alice W                 Waterhouses     72pts

=2nd        George L               Cheadle               72pts


1ST          Hollie Kelly                          Chase                    140pts

2ND         Molly Bratton                    Eccleshall             131pts

=3RD       Katie B                               Waterhouses     129pts

=3rd        Thomas Whilock               Cheadle               129pts


=1ST        Jessica Yardley                   Eccleshall             123pts

=1st         Adele S                                Waterhouses     123pts

3RD          Alfie Waring                       Cheadle               121pts


1ST          Connor Whitehead          Eccleshall             145pts

2ND         Rob Mollatt                        Uttoxeter            139pts

3RD          Lizzy James                         Leek                      138pts


1ST          Mark Baskerville               Eccleshall             138pts

2ND         James Freeman                Chase                    130pts

3rd           Kate Oakes                         Chase                    129pts


1ST           ECCLESHALL       678pts

2ND         CHASE                  663pts

3RD          UTTOXETER        649pts

5-A-Side Football Competition 2023

Thursday, October 5th, 2023
FOOTBALL COMPETITION RESULTS ⚽️⚽️⚽️ from Sunday 1st October 2023, held at PowerLeague, Stoke on Trent
Women’s League:
Mens League:
🥉 Leek
🏆MAN OF THE MATCH – The one and only ANDY HILL
Photos can be found HERE

Harvest Festival 2023

Thursday, October 5th, 2023
On Thursday 28th September we held our Harvest Festival at St John the Baptist Church in Ashley. It was very well attended and everyone enjoyed the refreshments afterwards too! 🎂
We held a collection for House of Bread and also had donations of 48 Dry Goods, 108 Tins, 44 Toiletries = So a massive 200 item donation for our local food bank. A big Thankyou to all supporters and in particular Waterhouses YFC for there 48 donations!  These items will be donated on the 9th October during National Federation of Young Farmers’ Clubs Week 🙂
Many thanks to everyone that supported and helped to organise.
Photo Gallery can be seen HERE

YFC Classes at the English Winter Fair popular as ever!

Wednesday, September 27th, 2023

A prize fund of over £700 is on offer in the Young Farmers’ Stock and Carcase judging Competitions at this year’s English Winter Fair, Stafford, thanks to backing by IAE, the UK’s largest and leading manufacturer of livestock handling and housing equipment, equestrian stabling, steel fencing and shelters. YFC members will be forming teams from across the Country will be competing in the Stock and Carcase Judging competitions, held at the English Winter Fair on Sunday 20th November along with the NFYFC Live and Carcase Judging two-day competition over the weekend.

The teams made up of 8 members will be judging Live Beef, Live Lamb, Lamb and Beef Carcase on Sunday 19th November from 9am.  The Secretary for the Young Farmer Classes, Mrs Julia Taylor explained, “Young Farmers will be able to judge the Lamb and Pork Carcase in the purpose-built Carcass Hall, which is a fantastic facility available to us thanks to generous support from IAE and the show’s organisers, the Staffordshire & Birmingham Agricultural Society.”

New sponsor, Andrew Buxton, Sales and Marketing Director of IAE said ‘We are excited to be supporting the Staffordshire Young Farmers who are organising the YFC Stock and Carcase Judging Competitions at the English Winter Fair this year. We are very much looking forward to seeing Young Farmers from across the country compete across four different classes, in a competition that we know forms part of the foundations that the organisation is built upon. 

At IAE, we recognize that future success depends on us attracting and nurturing the finest talent through young people. Similarly, we hope that by supporting the YFC Stock and Carcase Judging Classes, we are helping to give young people the opportunity to grow their confidence, refine their skills and most importantly continue to immerse themselves in what they enjoy most.’

The Beef cattle with be judged from exhibitor stock at the show and the lambs are kindly provided from Madders and Johnson of Hopton.  Young Farmers will pit their skills picked up in county rounds of the YFC’s Stock and Carcase competitions against others in this nationwide event to secure prizes. “It is a great way for members to test their skill at judging stock on the hoof and on the hook. Each team is given 10 minutes to assess stock and then two minutes to give reasons to the panel of judges for their choices. It is always a popular date on the YFC calendar and well supported by counties across the country” adds Mrs Taylor.

In addition to cash prizes YFC teams will also compete for the Birmingham Agricultural Exhibition Society silver cup for the team accumulating most points which last year went to Glamorgan YFC for the second year running.

This year again there will be a two-course meal being held in the Boden Room, exclusively for YFC members followed by entry into the Herdsman’s Supper Disco entry for only £15 on the evening before the competitions, Saturday 18th November.  This evening is also kindly supported by Bagshaws Auctioneers.

Young Farmers attending the event will also be able to see the Show’s championships take place in the main arena in Bingley Hall as well as witness the spectacle of the grand auction of prize-winning animals from both the live arena and Carcass Hall on Sunday afternoon.

For any further information about this press release relating to the YFC Classes at the English Winter Fair, please contact Julia Taylor, Staffordshire YFC County Organiser on 01785 248645 / 07984 174557or email her direct on

To enter a team from your County – click here.

We Are Recruiting!

Wednesday, August 16th, 2023

Staffordshire Federation of Young Farmers is seeking a County Organiser. This role is to provide organisational support, administration and delivery of the YFC programme of activities provided to YFC clubs and members within the county of Staffordshire.

As part of our ongoing discussions about this role, we have agreed that we are willing to consider applications from those looking for a part-time or jobshare basis.

Therefore we have extended the deadline to Monday 11th, and we invite applications from those who would find this more appealing than full time.

New applications for a full-time role are welcome, and those who have already submitted applications based on the full-time role will still be considered for shortlisting.

We still aim to conduct interviews on the 18th September, as originally planned.

Click here for a pdf copy of the above advert.

YFC Show Floats bring out the sunshine for memorable Days in History!

Monday, June 5th, 2023

YFC Show Floats bring out the sunshine for memorable Days in History!

Staffordshire Young Farmers Clubs (YFC) take the main ring at the County Show by storm again this year, on Thursday 1st June.  They held their annual Young Farmers’ Show Float Competition with the theme this year being “A Day in History”, which meant for plenty of construction, colour and fun on each float as they created some of the well-remembered events from years gone by including World Cup 1966 and The Sinking of the Titanic.  The sponsor of the competition, BD Fuels of Hixon and Staffordshire YFC President, George Hawley kindly judged the floats, before and during their journey into the main ring of the County Showground.  This prestigious competition, the highlight of the YFC calendar and one of the most popular ran by Staffordshire Young Farmers, draws the largest crowd to the main ring when the floats, which have been worked on for many months, take to the parade led by a tractor on loan from Johnsons of Cheadle.

The Overall Float Competition was won by Chase YFC who recreated “ABBA winning the Eurovision” which included a revolving stage, great costumes and an amphitheatre.   Second place was awarded to Abbotsholme YFC who’s float re-created “The Great Fire of London”.  As the only school club in Staffordshire, the members were able to show off their singing skills with a medley of “fire related” tunes and their float had some fantastic artwork depicting the historical event.  Leek YFC took third place with their float depicting “Olympics 2012 and Super Saturday” which was covered in famous sports and sport persons as well as a London Eye.  Fourth place was awarded to Waterhouses YFC who had a moving Spitfire and their costumes were very in keeping with the theme of “VE Day!”

Lichfield YFC were awarded the Best Name Board Shield for their well-designed sign for their Float, which depicted Christmas Day.  The 2nd placed Best Name Board was awarded to Ashley YFC who had a brightly painted board as part of their “Millennium” Float and then 3rd place was awarded to Leek YFC who’s name board displayed the Olympic rings as part of their “Olympics 2012 Super Saturday” float.    This part of the competition was judged by Mr & Mrs T Williams, Vice Chairman and Mr & Mrs G Roobottom, Vice President of the Staffordshire & Birmingham Agricultural Society.

Members on the Show Floats from ten clubs entertained the huge crowds and judges as they circled the Main Ring.  Staffordshire YFC thoroughly enjoy providing this entertainment to the general public and raising their profile, as a rural youth organisation which is all about fun, teamwork, learning and opportunities for anyone aged 10 to 28 years.  They also enjoyed a great water fight at the end, which is the most favourite part for many members.  After a very cold day at yesterday’s Show, the afternoon of sunshine worked out very well and members were able to cool off and have fun.

Staffordshire YFC has had an amazing two days at this year’s County Show.  They have been promoting the opportunities that are offer to members and showcasing what their organisation is all about.  The marquee and tea rooms have been full with visitors over the two days.  Members from all clubs have had the opportunity to meet potential new members as well as chatting to former members who have enjoyed reminiscing with displays of past and present photos on display.

County Chairman Emily Cartmail commented that “We have had a great couple of days here at the County Show.  It’s great to see YFC members enjoying themselves and taking part in so many competitions.  Grateful thanks to all the supporters and helpers who volunteer over the two days and especially those involved directly in our Show Float Competition.  It was great to see us draw such crowds around the main ring and in the grandstand.”

Pictures from the Show Float Competition can be found HERE

Results Sheet can be downloaded HERE



Mens & Ladies Tug of War Competition 2023

Thursday, June 1st, 2023

After a brilliant first day at the County Show, Staffordshire Young Farmers held their Male and Female Tug of War in the Main Ring on Wednesday evening, 31st May.   A full grandstand of supporters from across the County and other clubs also turned out in force to watch a hard-fought competition. Many of the teams have been training three times a week since the new year and their hard work and efforts paid off.

With a record number of entries in both competitions and following a great standard of pulling the results on the evening for the male competition were:  Waterhouses YFC team beat Eccleshall A YFC to the 1st place position.  Eccleshall A YFC were the runners-up and Cheadle YFC took 3rd place.

In the female competition, Waterhouses YFC again took the 1st place after a close finish with Cheadle YFC coming 2nd.  Leek YFC came in with a closely fought 3rd place.

The 1st and 2nd placed teams from each competition will now go forward to the West Midlands Round of the competition at being held on Saturday 1st July at Hanbury Show, Worcestershire.

Tug of War remains an ever popular competition which encourages members to work together as a team with long terms benefits of improvement of fitness, strength and technique as well as discipline, enjoyment, sportsmanship, respect and teamwork.

Please click HERE for photos from the evening

Club Display Competition 2023

Wednesday, May 31st, 2023

The Stafford County Show saw Staffordshire Young Farmers Clubs (YFC) inside their marquee with a fully packed offering of activities for everyone to get involved in along with many displays of the competitions and achievements of the members during the last 12 months.  The show also saw the return of the Club Display Competition with YFC members from all ten clubs using their creative skills to create a display promoting their club in a space no larger than 1m2.

The judges for this competition were Charlotte Rigby of HSKSG Accountants & Ailish Ross, West Midlands Area Chairperson, following a difficult deliberation with such excellent displays, the final results were, 1st place Stone YFC, with Eccleshall YFC 2nd and in 3rd place were Lichfield YFC.

Please click HERE for photos of the Club Displays