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Staffordshire YFC Virtual Activities

Staffordshire YFC members have created some challenges and competitions for their members during Covid-19, in order to keep them in touch with each and also enjoying some YFC fun!

On Thursday 2nd April, Toby Hall, member of Uttoxeter Young Farmers and also the County Deputy Vice Chairman, hosted a live version of “Play Your Cards Right” on the Staffordshire YFC Facebook Page!  Watched by many members and supporters of SCFYFC, and with over 1000 views, this was a great piece of entertainment and saw 5 members from across the clubs taking part!

On Thursday 9th April, the members of Staffordshire YFC can take part in some “virtual” Beef and Dairy Stockjudging, as video footage of two rings of animals will be uploaded.  Members are asked to place their order, in the traditional A,B,X,Y format and then either video, or write their reasons and submit for the judges.    Stockjudging is a very popular competition with members, with two planned events being cancelled in April and so this still gives the opportunity for these skills to be practiced.

As the Annual Rally which was due to be held on Saturday 9th May, will not go ahead in its usual format, YFC members have decided to hold a “Virtual” Rally.  Photos of entries are being submitted by Friday 1st May, and judging taking place on Saturday 2nd May, combined with the highest number of likes for photos on the Staffordshire YFC Facebook page.  Its an alternative kind of Rally, but helps to keep our members focussed on creative activities and fun.  We cannot wait to see their obstacle course videos.  Full details of the Rally is as below.

If any members have more ideas on how to get #yfcathome doing more competitions and activities, do email them over to