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Rally Results 2017

Overall Rally Cup – 1st Uttoxeter; 2nd Eccleshall; 3rd Waterhouses.

Most Improved Club Shield – 1st Stone; 2nd Chase; 3rd Eccleshall/Ridware.

Rose Bowl – 1st Waterhouses; 2nd Lichfield; 3rd Uttoxeter.

Junior Cup – 1st Lichfield; 2nd Eccleshall; 3rd Uttoxeter.

Intermediate Cup – 1st Stone/Uttoxeter; 2nd Chase; 3rd Waterhouses.

Senior Cup – 1st Uttoxeter; 2nd Eccleshall/Lichfield; 3rd Ashley/Stone/Waterhouses.

Associate Cup – 1st Uttoxeter; 2nd Stone; 3rd Eccleshall.

Eccleshall Shield – 1st Uttoxeter; 2nd Lichfield; 3rd Chase/Eccleshall.

Sports Cup – 1st Waterhouses; 2nd Abbotsholme; 3rd Ashley/Eccleshall/Uttoxeter.

Tractor Handling Cup – 1st Stone; 2nd Eccleshall; 3rd Lichfield.

T.W.W. Jones Trophy – 1st Eccleshall; 2nd Uttoxeter; 3rd Waterhouses.

Tug-Of-War Tray – 1st Stone; 2nd Waterhouses; 3rd Uttoxeter.

Sheep Shearing Trophy – 1st Eccleshall; 2nd Stone; 3rd Waterhouses.