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Carcase Judging Competition

The Competitions Committee are holding a Carcase Judging Competition on Thursday 7th October 2021 at Sargeants, Bramshall.  Rules for the competition are below:

Carcase Judging – Thursday 7th October 2021.  Please read NFYFC Rules for full procedure, marks and details.  Note that a practice night for all Clubs will be held on the Thursday 23rd September BKP TG Sargeants, Bramshall.

Team of 9 – 3 members 16 or under on 01/09/2021

3 members 21 or under on 01/09/2021

3 members 28 or under on 01/09/2021

Clubs may enter any members who wish to do the competition just for practice providing they notify the Steward when booking in. There will be no live judging; otherwise competition is as per NFYFC rules. One member from each age group to judge one class of carcasses each and give reasons.

Full Information has been circulated to all clubs and can also be downloaded here

A permission slip for any members aged 17 and under must be completed by parents and brought on the evening when booking in.  This can be downloaded here

NFYFC rules can be downloaded 01 English Winter Fair – Beef Live and Carcase 2021 – 22 02 English Winter Fair – Lamb Live and Carcase 2021-22

Please also note that any members competing must be fully signed up members to their club with the forms into the County Office no later than Monday 4th October 2021