English Winter Fair 2014

Stafford County Showground, 16th November 2014

Again Staffordshire FYFC organised the English Winter Fair Stockjudging competition, inviting teams of young farmes from all over the country.

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Further pictures taken by the professional photographer on the day are available to order from his website www.markrheath.co.uk - event ID 20141121PS2

EnglishWinterFair14-01 EnglishWinterFair14-02 EnglishWinterFair14-03 EnglishWinterFair14-04 EnglishWinterFair14-05 EnglishWinterFair14-06 EnglishWinterFair14-07 EnglishWinterFair14-08 EnglishWinterFair14-09 EnglishWinterFair14-10 EnglishWinterFair14-11 EnglishWinterFair14-12 EnglishWinterFair14-13 EnglishWinterFair14-14 EnglishWinterFair14-15 EnglishWinterFair14-16 EnglishWinterFair14-17 EnglishWinterFair14-18 EnglishWinterFair14-19 EnglishWinterFair14-20 EnglishWinterFair14-21 EnglishWinterFair14-22 EnglishWinterFair14-23 EnglishWinterFair14-24


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