Waterhouses YFC Club Report 2006-07

Once again Waterhouses have had a very successful and sporting year. We kicked off the year with a quiz organised by our new chairman Martin Harvey, and a talk by

Craig Barks on his trip to Austria with the NFYFC discovery programme. October was a sporty month for the club with 10 pin bowling, a games night and Go-Karting among the weekly meetings. November began very literally with a bang, at the club bonfire at Onecote Grange farm. Sparrow proved to be totally loopy at the hula hoop hammer challenge against Cheadle, although Cheadle were eventual winners. He also came third at the county go-karting competition, although apparently he would have done better with a different kart, sure there’s a comment about workmen and tool there somewhere!

We were very festive through December with a Christmas cake decorating demonstration, and a Christmas meal, the festivities continued into January with a trip to the panto, …. Oh yes we did! In January Waterhouses also won the county quiz, and went on to represent the county at the national AGM pub quiz.

February got off to a flying start with a Darts practice at the Cross, it paid off with us winning the county competition once again. A talk by a local auctioneer was also held.

March saw most of our club stock judging practices and in club competitions. Mr and Mrs Harvey, Mr and Mrs Hall and Mr and Mrs Dalton were our kind hosts. We had a cheesy talk in April, and now know all about making cheese.

May was a busy month preparing for the county rally and building our futuristic show float. All the hard work paid off with float being placed third at the county show, against a very high standard of competition.

We all discovered how hard it is to find a wine bottle cork at the scavenger hunt kindly organised by Denise Harvey and Mavis Simpson. It doesn’t help buying a full bottle of wine if it’s a screw top Tasha. The hammer was won back from cheadle with a French cricket match, another sporting success for the club. There was a shocking discovery at the skilled events in July, our lads do know how to iron a shirt! The night was kindly hosted be Mr and Mrs Green. One of the many tug of war successes of the year was when the lads won the competition at Leek show. August once again saw us hold a very successful stall at the Manifold show, with lots of fun and games for people to take part in.

As was mentioned earlier we once again shown sports is our thing this year. Triumphs include indoor male and female football, indoor cricket, basketball and who can forget Gilman’s winning goal at the hockey competition. Our pulling has also improved this year, many thanks to Simon and Chad our coaches, FUB even managed to pull a female! Overall Waterhouses has had a good year, bring on the opposition for 07-08.


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