Waterhouses YFC Club Report 2004-05

Waterhouses have once again had a productive year. Our membership has increased again taking us up with the big clubs! The old faces greeted many new faces and thankfully they were not too frightened!!

In the meetings leading up to the Autumn Ball, we went on a tour of Blackshaw Moor Army Camp and we also had a Drug & Alcohol Awareness evening kindly done by Kelly and Rachael. November came and the club went Go-Karting and we had our Annual bonfire with lots of pretty fireworks. We had a quiz against the Old Young Farmers (NFU), which turned out to be a success with minimal squabbling! The County AGM was a fruitful night for Waterhouses with Kelly Gilman being awarded runner-up Secretary of the Year, the club received the WHD Hobson Cup for membership, David Palij Award and the Junior Stockjudging Trophy. The County Pool competition proved successful with James Hall coming 1st. The dark nights came as well as the County Discoís which were strictly over 18ís only much to the disappointment of our younger members. Many discos in December were on Monday nights so few meetings took place in that month.

January started with Martinís music quiz with half the songs unknown to anyone else but Martin. Many of our members partied away at the New Year Ball then we had a meeting that involved Karaoke at the pub - itís not just an excuse to drink - promise!! February bought a Family Planning talk on Natalieís 16th birthday - how convenient!! We had planned to go ice-skating on Valentineís Day but due to the lady falling asleep and not picking us up we went to see ĎMeet the Fockersí at the cinema! March approached with the Stockjudging practices and the Summer Ball, which everyone thought a great night.

In April we had a joint disco with Cheadle YFC at the Winking Man and it was very successful with us having to turn people away. We had a talk from Sarah Gayton on her works in Foreign Disaster areas, which everyone found fascinating. The older members of the Club went to the AGM in Torquay and had lots of fun reported back to the rest of the Club by various people. Hall vomited over 5 people and Gilman went to bed early on one night!

In May we started to plan our Float and Rally. We had a good day at the Rally with the club winning the sports Cup and Tractor Handling. Float building resulted in 1 hour building the float and 3 hours in the pub doing some extensive research!! In June we had a social with all the other clubs and we played rounders, it proved triumphant apart from the entertainment being provided by a local youth! We entered 2 rafts in this yearís competition, but sadly we didnít have enough stamina to be placed, the last minute adjustments the night before obviously wore everyone out. The swimming Gala is an event we came third in this year. At the Manifold Show, Chris Hewitt showed his dedication to the Club by spending £30 on trying to get Craig Durose wet!! We had a Charity Bale Push along Manifold Track raising £319.10 for a local charity. We sent for a Club meal at a nearby Chinese restaurant and to finish off the year, we went paintballing and some members ended up with bruised bottoms!!!

This year has been a very good year for sports as we have won the Cricket League, came 3rd in the Hockey tournament and we won the Kwik cricket tournament and went on to win the West Midlands Area Kwik Cricket and then competed at National, coming 4th overall.

A big thank you to the County Officers who have helped us over the Year and thanks to our dedicated members who have attended the meetings!


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