Waterhouses YFC Club Report 2003-04

Waterhouses YFC has had yet another fun and action packed year. Throughout the year we have continued to get bigger and better, with our membership increasing by nearly 50%, and we saw many new faces at our New Members Evening. Our active members then enjoyed a night of dry slope skiing, and some of us coming home with bruised bottoms and the odd scratch or two!!

During October Waterhouses YFC came 3rd in the Carcase Judging competition, and leading up to the Autumn Ball we went on a tour around Leek Fire Station and had an interesting talk on Gamekeeping. November started off with a BANG at our Annual Bonfire Night, which was closely followed by many successes for our club at the County AGM. Chris Cotton received runner-up Chairman of the Year, with the club receiving the Newsletter Shield and cups for Junior Stockjudging and Most Improved Club. We also came runner-up for the Small Clubs Trophy. A fast-moving team of Waterhouses YFC gained 1st place, behind the wheel at the Go-Karting competition. Another bonus for the evening was, that Sparrow got around the course without the odd bump or two!! Throughout the cold, dark winter nights our members were found at many of the Christmas Discos, partying the nights away in style!! Both Waterhouses and Uttoxeter JNFU had a successful start to January, competitions wise, both coming joint 2nd in the County Quiz. We were only sat on tables next to each other, and we didn't cheat - Honest!

During February Rachael Cotton came 2nd in the Junior Member of the Year competition and Waterhouses achieved 2nd place for the Design a Website competition. Throughout Spring we had a talk from a driving instructor, went bowling with Uttoxeter JNFU and a Darts practice was held just for another excuse for a trip to the pub!!

In April we held a joint disco with Cheadle YFC, at The Winking Man. It proved to be such a popular night, that people ended up being turned away, as the place was packed!! Following our successful disco, our members took part in the Stockman of the Year competition. The Waterhouses Stockjudging practices proved to be worthwhile, as we claimed 1st place in U18 Overall Team along with Andrew Goldstraw gaining 1st place and Kelly Gilman gaining 3rd place in the Junior Overall Stockman section. Another success was for Helen Goldstraw, gaining 3rd place in the U26 Dairy Stockjudging competition and an active team of our members achieved 3rd place in the Cricket league.

Leading up to the summer months our members were hard at work preparing for the Annual Rally, which proved to be a very wet day, in more ways than one!! After a fun days work we came 3rd in the Rose Bowl section and 2nd in the Leslie T Chester Trophy section. Between our long evenings of Float building and going to the pub, we held a Charity Cow Walk raising £440.50 for Macmillan Cancer Relief, whilst at the same time receiving some strange looks from dog walkers!! The County Show was enjoyed by all. Our float was based on the T.V. programme Casualty, and many of our members were found dressed up in their nurses outfits, and thatís not just the girls!!

At the County BBQ and Social we achieved a very close 2nd place in the Rounders Match, losing 1st place to Uttoxeter. Leading up to the end of summer we went Ice Skating, held yet another great disco, went a walk around Tittersworth Reservoir, held a bowling social with Macclesfield YFC and finally went out for a very hot and spicy club meal!! To end the year off we held our Annual Presentation Evening and Disco. It was a great end to the year and was enjoyed by all members, family and friends.

We would like to thank everyone at the County Office, especially Julia, who as been a great help to our committee and club over the past year. A big thank you also to all our dedicated members and club officers for making this year a great success and very enjoyable! Let next year be even better!!

Interesting Club Facts...

Clubsís Worst Driver - Sparrow

Clubís Best Dressed Person - Lee in his Nurseís outfit!

Worst Dressed Person - Sparrow in heels!

Clubís Romeo & Juliet - Sparrow and female members

Clubís Most Accident Prone Member - The Turnock Brothers

Club Look-alikes - Sparrow looks like Michael Owen

Club Motto - Waterhouses do it in style!; Just do it with Waterhouses YFC!

Clubís Best Chat-up Lines - Do you believe in love at first sight, if not shall I walk in again!; What a fine young Heifer you are!

Top Tips for Surviving a YFC year - Join Waterhouses YFC!

A good supply of beer, energetic members and plenty of lads and lasses.


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