Ridware YFC Club Report 2004-05

The year started with the exchange of duties to the new top table, and shortly after, some of the girls from the club were representing us at netball. We took part in carcase judging and congratulations to Caz, who came first in intermediate and to Tom, who was placed first at senior level. We entered two teams in Volleyball and one team came fourth.

Throughout the year, our strong base of stock judgers came to the fore, especially Caz Greenwood, Lucy Hill, Martin Farrington and Tom Hill, with Caz and Lucy representing Staffordshire at the European Dairy Event in September. This may be in the wrong Y.F.C year but it deserves a mention, especially as Caz was placed First at Intermediate level in the dairy stock judging at National level at the aforementioned event.

We had some financial troubles taken on from previous years but thanks to everyone's support, we are now on a solid footing and looking to the future. We were run a very close second in the indoor cricket by Waterhouses and congratulations go to the team. At the rally we entered many of the competitions and congratulations to the girls who went on to represent us at National in the cooking. It must have been tasty!

We had a sponsored walk and bike ride, which was hard work,around Hoar Cross and surrounding areas, starting and finishing at Jackson's bank. Unfortunately we couldnt enter a float at the County Show but we hope to this next year.

The summer was mostly an outdoor programme of events owing to the fantastic weather and long days mostly spent at Rangemore playing fields playing rounders and football. A bbq kindly hosted by Steve and Pat Hill marked the end of the year's events as we had no meetings in August due to the busy farming schedule!

The club seems in a much better state entering the new Y.F.C year and we look forward to bringing Ridware back up to where they belong!

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