Ridware YFC Club Report 2003-04

October saw us start the year well, we entered a team for the Mixed Hockey, and we had our New Members Night, which proved a huge success and many new faces were seen. The girls came 3rd in the Hockey and the lads 4th in the 5 aside Footy, so a good time was had by all.

Three of our members represented County at West Midlands Area and National in the under 16's Rounders well done to Ste, Mikie and Claire for taking part.

The Autumn Ball was yet again well attended by Ridware with a minibus venturing forth to drop us off for what was yet another good do! We managed to scoop the 'Best Improved Membership' Award at the County AGM, and also Carl, Charlotte, and Alison won Best Club Leader Award.

Ridware managed to bowl themselves to the finishing post with the upper hand.... we won! this meant only one thing..... We were off to Blackpool! A group of us went up for the day, there was Martin, Tom, Charlotte and Sam took part and we narrowly missed first place by two points but a very big pat on the backs for coming so close.

Raising money was another objective to the year and we raised approximately £200 doing a Sponsored Walk which was a good morning out.

Yet again we managed to have a pretty successful Rally, winning several awards. The summer months were filled up with sports and BBQ's, which always prove very popular.

This just about rounds up our eventful year, and Ridware YFC would like to wish all our new top table the best of luck for the year.

Interesting Club Facts...

Favourite Text Messages - Up Club tonight?

Clubs’s Worst Driver - Sam Cox - remind us …. When do you stop at a zebra crossing?

Club’s Best Dressed Person - Little Em

Worst Dressed Person - The sisters

Club Pin-up - Tom Hartshorn

Club Heart-Breaker - Hannah Bain

Club’s Romeo & Juliet - Tom Dixon and Caz Greenwood

Club’s Most Accident Prone Member - Lisa Parker

Club Look-alikes - Martin Farrington as Peter Kay; Michael Hudson as Barney (The Simpsons); Lucy Hill as Emma Bunton

Club’s Favourite Activity - Bowling

Club Mottoes - Alwight?; Have it!!; Nice one Trev.

Club’s Best Chat-up Lines - Hellooo……

Top Tips for Surviving a YFC year - Smile, keep busy and whatever else you do, do not eat yellow snow!

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