Leek YFC Club Report 2002-03

Greatest Achievements in 2003....

Club Ambition

To be the biggest club in the country.

Claim to Fame

Katie Gibson and Suzanne Lovatt (Cheeky Girls).
Tine and Dribbler (aka Del Boy and Rodney) as Market Traders.
We wear gay blue tops!

What we did in 2003....

Not much room and our brains are sore, so Tine and Ian, “sell it some more” ….

Favourite meetings:
· Bird watching with a difference (ie. Nathan and Ed in frocks!)
· Ready Steady Cook
· Murder Mystery (we never knew you had it in you, Liz)
· Wheelbarrow Racing postponed, but it will be back!

Club Success:
· Cleaning up the trophies at the 2002 AGM
· Stars in Their Eyes (a cheeky entry!)
· Market Trader - the best in the country!
· 2nd in the float (despite being built in record time!)
· Brainstrust, After Dinner Speaking, Stockjudging, etc. etc. damn, we’re good!

Discos and Events:
· Exclusive to Leek YFC - the Beach Party!
· Fancy Dress Karaoke, our very own bunny girl wins .. Mr Ian Hine
· Winking Man - a real high point!

· Race Night
· Carol Singing
· Promise Auction - raising £3,729 for Leukaemia Research

Fascinating Facts:
· Steven Edwards - Womaniser of the Year - 2 in one go!
· Tint take doctors and nurses fancy dress far too seriously - spending the night in A & E.
· Phil Smith goes back to his roots … quite literally by eating grass!


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