Eccleshall YFC Club Report 2005-06

My first competition as Chairman saw a girls and lads sports team head off to Weston Road School to play Netball and Basketball. Our girls were untouchable and won overall, the lads on the other hand played with a lot of spirit, but spirit with no talent didn't get us very far.

One of the main events that stands out in my mind was the National Competition down at Stoneleigh when a load of us from the Club including family and friends went to watch Potter, Amy and Meg perform their Club Promotion sketch. All of us were on the edge of our seats waiting for the results, and we came a very creditable 3rd place.

We had another Member going to National representing us in the Dairy Stockjudging event, Matt Wright has done really well by winning the County and West Midlands rounds to qualify.

Towards the end of October we had a talk by County on the effect of alcohol abuse. This saw a lot of Club participation, I also think a few of our members are bordering on becoming social Alcoholics, but I'm sure we have all been guilty of that from time to time.

My first big event was the Grand Bang Bonfire that we held at Ellenhall by very kind permission of the Edwards family. Even though we were dampened by the rain and had to stake the gazebo down due to high winds a good night was had by all.

On the 21st December a load of cars headed off around Eccleshall and surrounding areas Carol Singing. This was a hilarious night that saw a lot of people paying us to go away after the first song. Thankfully everyone arrived back in one piece and not in hedges and ditches like previous years.

The next big event on the calendar was the Competitions Day at The Showground. This was a brill day and saw us gain good placing in everything. We even got one member, Toby Lawton, meeting The Queen due to him winning Junior Member of the Year; What an honour. The afternoon of that day saw myself Will, Katie and Charlotte take part in the Ballroom Dancing Competition. We had six weeks to learn the Waltz, Tango and Cha-Cha-Cha. I think we did extremely well but we just couldn't beat the Rock and Roll dance performed by Chase YFC.

We have held a number of charity events this year starting with the Whist Drive and then the Muck Haul around Eccleshall, when we raised a lot of money, mostly by people wanting to get the smell out of the street. Then came our Promise Auction, which was a real success, but we couldn't have managed this without all the kind promises and support on the night. In total we raised £1,000 for Katherine House Hospice.

May came and it was time to let our hair down at the National AGM. This weekend was excellent and saw one member celebrating their birthday for the second time that year. The 13th May saw us achieve the Rally Cup for the second year in a row.

The County Show arrived and although we didn't get placed with our Mary Poppins float, we did have a laugh performing as The Monkees in the Stars in Your Eyes. Just a shame we didn't know the words and had them stuck to the back of Potter’s guitar.

July came and it was time to start building our rafts. All went well apart from next time, girls, when you builds a raft, please make sure you can fit it in your trailer!!!!

Over my year as Chairman our Club has undertaken a lot of different activities and trips. I hope everyone involved has enjoyed themselves. It has been a really big learning curve for me and an experience I have really enjoyed .I would like to thank the top table and all the member's for their support over the last year and wish the new top table every success.


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