Cheadle YFC Club Report 2006-07

By Lisa Hawkins

The new top table Rachel, Julie and Lisa made their first attempt at controlling the young members when to start the year when they had a brilliant turnout and for the new members evening. The usual events involving cocktail sticks, polos a vast amount of loo roll and never ending sellotape, failed to scare off the new members and we finished the evening with 5 new members.

October brought the autumn ball where everyone partied hard- too hard considering the hockey competition was the following day, needless to say we weren’t very active at the hockey match-but we did turn up! Next came the county AGM where we had a successful night winning the small club trophy, scrap book shield and Gwen Earp Haywood trophy for public speaking day. Also Christine was voted most out standing treasurer and Jo came runner up for club secretary. In November Christmas came early when Ipstones switched on their lights. With the fantastic help from parents who donated tombola prizes and made cakes, we managed to raise £167.00. I don’t now whether this was down to the Christmas spirit or the Ipstones firemen!

In December the club turned out to terrorise Cheadle, Cotton and Whiston with our carol singing. Our victims were extremely generous and we managed to raise £165.00 over the two nights.

We had our Christmas meal at the Draycott arms and January bought the New Year Ball, badminton, 10 pin bowling and a lot of public speaking practice!

The practice paid off in February when Ness, Christine, Alison and Lisa came 2nd in the brainstrust competition and Ashley, Ness, Steve and Giverny came 1st in the radio yfc competition and Lisa, Ashley, Sarah and Alison claimed 2nd place for the club promotion competition in March. Fresh from Pauls 2nd place in the pool competition we set off to the national AGM in high spirits our barrack babes and military men marched on Torquay in force. A great time was had by all and not wanting to divulge names or events we will move on!

The county rally… we were late again! Next year we really should set off earlier! However we came away with some good results, 1st for Rachel J’s cushion cover, 1st for Ashley’s shield, 2nd for Jos wellies, Lisa 2nd for milk the goat and 4th for Christine’s door mat.

The pre show reception a gave Giverny and Kizzie a chance to show off their vocal talents in the five minutes of fame and ness enjoyed comparing, give her a microphone, she loves it!

Well done to Rachel who managed to finish the club display with little help and came a well earned 2nd place. On the float day we admit we were going round the ring and the paint was still wet! But we did manage to come away with 4th place.

On a rainy day the radio yfc team went to Malvern for the three counties show. Despite the weather Cheadle were placed 1st and the judge mentioned that Ness could be a news reader… she now has his email address and mobile phone number- a friend for life!! Jo joined the ladies tow team and they also came away with 1st place and Ashley’s shield came 3rd.

The swimming gala had Rachel, Christine, Alix and Kate swimming their way to 2nd place.

After the 3 counties success the Radio YFC team went to the national final to test their presentation skills. Again it rained but spirits weren’t dampened and they could hardly believe it when they had won the finals and had a trophy the size of a bucket! Well done.

In July Cheadle joined with Leek yfc for leek show, tombolas, cake stalls and diggers helped raise a brilliant amount for the Manchester children’s charity and £200 for each club.

The rain didn’t matter for the raft race! After days of building and a damp practice on Barry and Kim’s pond Cheadle were almost prepared. Two teams were entered; both finished however Rachel’s team did spend some time underneath their raft whilst it was on the water!

Thank you to every one that has helped, County officers, Associate members, advisory committee and any one else who has lent a hand over the past 12 months.

Cheadle has had a brilliant year both socially and financially. Our membership is growing and next year we hope that this continues. Good luck to the club officers and remember as a small club, bigger is not always better!!


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