Cheadle YFC Club Report 2003-04

Where have the last twelve months gone??? The weather may have been awful and we sometimes tend to feel like a little fish in a big pond but we are still swimming strong. We began the year with a programme packed full of activities from food tasting (which was more like a toddlers tea party!) to Bowling in September. After a great evening at the Autumn Ball, October also saw the visit of our guest speaker, Paul Brough who is a scene of crimes investigator. He gave us a very interesting talk and even took our fingerprints. (We have a copy on record for future reference!) Maybe we should have requested his services when two of our famous pink pigs went walkabout whilst advertising our New Members Evening. One pig even strayed down to the Master Potter pub! (We have a strange suspicion that the other one ended up as crackling on someone’s bonfire…arrrr)

The heat was on in November when Cheadle prepared for their Annual Bonfire and Firework Social at East Wall Farm, Oakamoor. The night was enjoyed by all who attended.

December saw the Club Carol Singing where lots of Cheadle members gathered to raise money for the club. We visited as many places as we could fit into the night and managed to create some amusement for the listeners with our slightly out of tune an uncoordinated singing but never the less we managed to raise £101.

We let the New Year in with style at the New Year Ball and after a short period of recovery we began practicing for Competitions Day, what a day that was! All of our practice paid off in February when Cheadle came home with fantastic results. We managed to gain 1st place in Junior Public Speaking (3rd year running) well done to Paul, Jo and Lisa! Ness, Tom, Christine and Jo took 1st place in the Intermediate Brainstrust competition and Rob, Ness, Sarah, Mark and Nathan gained second place in the senior debating competition.

March was another competitive month where we actually surprised ourselves by finishing 3rd place in the Darts Competition when most of us didn’t really know how to play! Also we challenged Waterhouses to a game of quick draw and were victorious by an amazing 1 point. Shortly after we were challenged by Eccleshall to a game of Quasar. It was not a surprise when Eccleshall won the game, especially when we found out that Cheadle were shooting each other!!!

Friday 2nd April was the night of Cheadle and Waterhouses’ joint YFC disco at the Winking Man. This was a great success as both clubs jointly raised over £1000. We had further success at the YFC Pool Competition where we managed to gain 1st, 3rd and 4th places. Well done to Ben, Michael and Paul.

May was a very busy time with the Rally fast approaching. We entered as many competitions as we could and got fantastic results especially from the and Blind Sheepdog Trial where Matthew and Alix excelled themselves. (Think it was the Lycra cat suit that did it Alix!) Sarah also gained first place in the flower arranging.

Next up was the Pre-Show Reception and County Show. Steph did the club proud by gaining 1st place in the Stars in Their Eyes competition and went on to gain 5th place at National level. Well done Steph! Our very own Cat Deeley (Ness) hosted the Stars in Their Eyes competition and took part in Call My Bluff which proved very entertaining. After a lot of preparation and float building at Hill Top Farm we managed to win the Name Board Competition for the 3rd year running. We also gained 4th place overall with our Heartbeat themed float.

June began with the Summer Ball, which was a great start to the month despite the unpredictable weather. Following this was the Raft Race where we entered one raft and after a lot of hard work and aching muscles we didn’t finish in the top 3 but were still pleased with our performance and will be trying even harder next year.

Next came Leek Show where Leek and Cheadle shared a joint stand and disco rasing over £700 which was divided between both clubs and the County Air Ambulance.

Last month Cheadle attended the Carcase Judging Practice, where we all tried our hardest and I think it’s safe to say that some of us got the hang of it better than others!

We have all enjoyed our visits to Festival Park, rounders outdoors and quizzes at the Wheatsheaf.

As the year draws to a close the turn out at our AGM was inspiring with a number of past members offering help and support for the coming year which was gratefully accepted. Cheadle YFC would like to thank all of the members, associates and Club Officers for their dedication to our club. Our young membership sometimes limits the activities we can participate in but don’t be fooled-we are growing all the time!!!

Interesting Club Facts...

Favourite Text Messages - Women’s faults are many but men av 2-everythin dey say & everythin dey do!!!!

Clubs’s Worst Driver - No-one, we all drive each other mad!!!!

Club’s Best Dressed Person - Harrison Girls

Worst Dressed Person - Dan, when he had to borrow Lee’s clothes!!!!

Club Pin-up - Dan, because he thinks he is God!!!!

Club Heart-Breaker - Rachel Howel

Club’s Romeo & Juliet - Rob Harrison and Rachel Plant

Club’s Most Accident Prone Member - Joanne for nearly drowning in the Raft Race

Club Look-alikes - We have our very own Julia Roberts and Sarah Jessica Parker (Jo & Ness)!!

Club’s Favourite Activity - Having a great time at the YFC Discos

Club Motto - The only way to get rid of temptation is to give into it!; We are immature, lazy and loud.. but we are Fun!

Club’s Best Chat-up Lines - Was your Dad a thief, coz he stole the stars and put them in your eyes.

Top Tips for Surviving a YFC year - Be prepared to have fun and make a fool of yourself; Always have your membership card (It’s like Gold!)


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