Cheadle YFC Club Report 2002-03

Greatest Achievements in 2003....

1st Place for County Bowling Competition

1st Place for Junior Public Speaking (second year running)

1st Place for County club of the year

1st Place for County Show Float Name Board

1st Place for County Tug Of War (this was a mixed team-mainly consisting of Stone Y.F.C members with Jo & Ness being Cheadle!)/p>

1st Place for County Under 16 Rounders

1st Place for County Pool

3rd Place for County Pool

2nd Place for West Midlands Area Club Of The Year

2nd Place for Stars In Their Eyes

3rd Place for Stars In Their Eyes

Favourite Club Activity

To increase our membership (preferably male!)

Claim to Fame

Cheadleís three famous pink pigs that appear around Cheadle at new members evening each year.

What we did in 2003....

This year has been a big one for Cheadle Y.F.C and the club should be proud of itself for achieving so much. It is easy to forget that Cheadle was on the brink of extinction but it is obviously on the rebound and going strong despite only being a little club. We started the year with a programme crammed full of activities such as visits to Quasar, the Cinema and lots of football practice (and yes we needed it! It doesnít help if you are scared of the ball does it girls!)

Sparks were flying in November when Cheadle prepared for their bonfire and firework social. Waterhouses Y.F.C joined us at Hill Top Farm, High Shutt and the night consisted of fireworks, sparklers and food! And seemed to be enjoyed by all despite the fact that Rob was nearly attacked by a firework which he lit! Following this was the County A.G.M where we were pleased to take away numerous certificates and awards.

We got into the festive mood for carol singing in December by putting our best singing voices on and torturing the locals. Not only did we manage to make two children cry we also raised over £70. This was a big achievement for us as was gaining first and third place in the pool competition. What a busy month!

In January and February luck still seemed to be on our side as we gained 1st place in the county bowling competition and 1st place for Junior Public Speaking-well done Jo Lisa & Paul!! We also managed to get 1st place in the County Club of The Year Competition (I think it was Pauls cheeky smile and rolled up trousers that did the trick! As Sarah, Rob, Ness and Paul gained second place at the West Midlands club of the year competition too.)

In April Cheadle & Waterhouses got together and organised a joint disco at the Highwayman and due to lots of planning by Helen & Ness it was an extremely successful night and each club raised way over £400 for their club. Just two questions what were those pants doing on Nessí Head? And who set fire to the curtain?

In May Stars In Their Eyes crept up on us and after practicing the night before in Rachelís living room Steph and Ness or should I say Eva Cassidy and Celine Dion put on a good show at the Stars In Their Eyes competition and came away smiling with 2nd and 3rd places-well done!!!

Also In May we found ourselves dedicating our time to float building at Robs house and after lots of thought and planning it was eventually finished at 2am that morning (phew!!) We managed to win the show float name board competition for the second year running and came third in the overall show float competition with our theme Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. All I can say is there should have been a prize for enthusiasm as even though the members couldnít remember some of the words they still managed to create quite a racket and make a wild atmosphere in the show ring!

The following day saw Jo & Ness on the pull with Stone Y.F.C (Tug of War that is!) The mixed girls team were delighted when they came out on top and qualified for the 3 counties show in June were they just missed out on the top spot.

Toward the end of the year the Raft race was upon us in and we had great fun practicing for it. Four rafts were entered, two were for fun and what fun they had! Steve, Rob, Rich and Joe gained fourth place. We donít know where the others came but they certainly enjoyed it!

As the year draws to a close we are looking forward to the year ahead and will try to make it as successful as the past year. Cheadle Y.F.C would like to thank all of the members, associates and club officers for their dedication to our club and the time and effort they have put into it. One thing is for sureÖThe small club is definitely still going strong.


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