Chase YFC Club Report 2003-04

This has been the first year for Chase YFC and what an excellent year we have had. We started by opening the club in early November with about 20 new members joining up which then progressed to over 40 by the end of the year.

Our biggest achievement this year was winning the float competition at the County Show with ‘I’m a celebrity get me out of here’. Other successes in our first year include winning the sports cup at the Rally, Fred winning the Sheep Shearing at the County Show, coming 2nd in the Raft Race, 3rd in the Rounders, winning the ATV Handling at the Rally and going on to come 3rd for Staffordshire at the WMA, 4th in the Junior Public Speaking & the Intermediate Brainstrust and 4th with our Tug of War team at the County Show.

We started the year off with Fred, Becky & Emma taking a trip to Stanley Head for the Officer’s Away Day and what an experience that was, especially if you don’t like heights! During November we packed our programme with a trip to the Cinema, Stock Judging practices, the Go Karting competition along with lots more. Then thanks to Stone YFC we held a joint disco with them at the Showground.

In December we did our first bit for Charity by raising money for the County Air Ambulance with our talented members doing a bit of carol singing.

January started with us all getting out our Ball Gowns & Dinner Suits for the New Years Ball at the Showground. Then came the Public Speaking practices, Socials with other clubs, Bowling, Talks, and the County Quiz which proved to be a good laugh if nothing else.

February had arrived and we took part in the Public Speaking competitions where it was said we had the best Brainstrust Chairman! We also held a Virgin Vie make up party which proved more popular than expected with the male members who just couldn’t resist trying the make up on. The lads then put their efforts into the Clay Pigeon shooting over at Doveridge. We then had the Darts team put in a brilliant effort but narrowly missed out on getting through to the final. March and the Spring Ball arrived which gave us another excuse to get those dresses and suits out again. Then came the Fence Erecting competition and some more Stock Judging practices. We also had a Vet and Drugs Talk which proved very informative and lots of fun.

The next couple of months began to get very busy. In April we started to prepare for the Rally and began building the float. Then in May we took part in a lot of the events at the Rally, where we came home with a fair few winning & placed cards. We continued with the building of the winning float and then to finish the month of we held our own Chase Disco at the Polish Club.

June arrived along with the County show where we had an excellent time winning the Float and Sheep Shearing Competition as well as coming 4th with our male Tug of War team. We then took part in the County Car Treasure Hunt where we had great fun in trying to find yellow roses and wood lice as well as the clues along the way. We then saw Fred & Mark off to the West Midlands Area to finish 3rd in the ATV Handling for Staffordshire.

July and the turn of the Summer Ball at Tixall which is always a good excuse for a night out. We also made a start on building rafts for the raft race where we came a well deserved and wet 2nd. We also took a trip to the Ice-Cream Farm at Haughton where we tried some of the great flavours on offer - and yes Fred there are more than 3.

Finally August arrived and we organised a Social with Stone YFC with them taking part in some stupid games with us. We then finished off the year with us all going Go Karting at Fast lane, Fenton and having a really good whizz around. The Club would like to thank all the members of Chase for their efforts in making a brilliant club, and having such a positive year. Also a big thank you to the Advisory Committee especially Eunice Finney and Richard Hooley for all their help and support throughout the year and also to the county office for helping us through our first year.

Interesting Club Facts...

Favourite Text Messages - “Hi ya Chuck” or "Chase YFC meeting ……"

Clubs’s Worst Driver - Billy Tav

Club’s Best Dressed Person - Debbie Fenton

Worst Dressed Person - The 3 Amigo’s!

Club Pin-up - Naomi Bloxham

Club Heart-Breaker - Lynton Parkes!

Club’s Romeo & Juliet - Mikey & Sarah

Club’s Most Accident Prone Member - Mark Froggatt (likes to roll things around)

Club Look-alikes - All of Chase are celebrities from our float – “I’m a Celebrity, Get me Out of Here”

Club’s Favourite Activity - Float Building

Club Motto - Chase YFC ‘AV IT’

Club’s Best Chat-up Lines - Don’t know the best but ask Lynton for the worst!

Top Tips for Surviving a YFC year -
C – Competing
H – Hangovers
A – Award Winning
S – Sleep
E - Entertainment


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