CLUB YFC Club Report 2002-03

Chase YFC is the newest branch of Staffordshire Young Farmers. We officially started the club in early November this year, electing Fred Hooley as Club Chairman for 2003-2004 and Mark Froggatt as his Vice Chairman. We meet at Milford Cricket Club, Stafford at 8.00pm almost every Tuesday where we hold activities such as New Members evening, chocolate bingo, quizzes, cinema trips, bowling trips and so on as well as generally socialising. So far we have approximately 30 members but are hoping to significantly increase this number by this time next year. In the coming year, we are looking forward to taking part in all the interclub activities and also encouraging more people to join our up and coming club. Our first club disco, organised also by Stone YFC, is coming up on 22nd November at Staffordshire County Showground from 9pm until 1am.


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