Ashley YFC Club Report 2003-04

Once again weíve had another good year that as always started with the Autumn Ball, held for the second year running at the Kings Hall in Stoke. It seemed to have a good turn out and the Ashley members all agreed that they had a good time.

November started with us having a team entered in the county Go-Karting competition at Fenton; after a difficult battle and a good team effort we managed a very respectable second place.

Over the next few weeks we had various trips out on Tuesday nights, one of these was a trip to Keele Golf driving range where an enthusiastic group of people tried their best to either hit the golf balls in the right direction or at each other. Iím not too sure which one it was but Iím amazed that no one went out on a stretcher. Needless to say for safety reasons we havenít been back again.

The annual Christmas meal was held at Manors Restaurant in Whitmore, this saw a welcome site of past, present and new Ashley members having a good night socialising with each other and enjoying a good meal.

The New Year Ball in January was attended by the vast majority of the club members showing good support to the County event, a good night was had by everyone. The weeks following this saw us entering various competitions including the county Quiz, Ten Pin Bowling, Clay Pigeon Shooting and Darts in which we came second.

The end of April signified the start of the National A.G.M. and for those who went a trip to Blackpool. This year there was a new ruling at the A.G.M, no under eighteens, and because Ashley has a lot of young members we couldnít show as strong a presence as we have in past years. However the members who did attend decided that they should make there presence known, everyone seemed to be heading to a place unknown to us, they referred to it as the pub, we thought this would be as good a place as any to start our mission. Unfortunately I and the other club members must of hit our heads simultaneously because after entering the pub, our memoryís seemed to go blurry and patchy for the rest of the weekend, the next thing we knew it was Monday morning and time to go home.

The County Rally was held the weekend after the A.G.M. We competed in too many competitions to list so I will shorten it to the ones we did well in:
Georgina won the Leslie T Chester trophy for her story using certain words;
Ian McDowell came first in the Tractor Handling
Louise Frost came first in the Present Wrapping
Sam Machin came first in the Club Shirt Logo
Al Peake came first for the Putting on a Duvet Cover; good to see heís developing some skills in the bedroom.

As June approached we decided that it was time to start work on this years float for the County Show, which unfortunately didnít make the top three.

The end of June saw the clubs main fund raising event, a Kinky Maids and Naughty Butlers themed party. This was held with kind permission of John and Joyce Lomax at Hill Chorlton Farm. The night started early and for a time it didnít look like we were going to see many people, however as the night went on it gradually got very busy with a lot of good support from other clubs. But even though it was busy the dance floor still looked empty, Mrs Peake noticing this decided to jump to her feet and perform some kind of ritual on the dance floor. I was later informed that this ritual was in fact meant to be dancing. But whatever it actually was, it worked, Iíd just like to say thank you to Mrs Peake for that and thank you to Mr Peake for putting on a good demonstration of his drinking abilities, encouraging people to spend more at the bar in an attempt to keep up. The night finished and the party was deemed a success.

July saw us entering a Rounders Competition at the County Showground and two rafts into the Raft Race. After the race it was decided that the stealth submarine tactics were not the way forward as the rafts moved better on the River Dove than on its riverbed.

August and September has seen the club relaxing and thinking of new ways in which to attract new members and increase revenue.

Thanks to all the people and County Officers who have supported us through the year with special thanks to Rhianne Meakin, the club secretary, and Leslie Peake for all the hard work and dedication theyíve put in.


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